November 25, 2015

003 - Game Shows

"It's only a game so put up a real good fight!"

Ken and Sharpy try to fight off the elements and lose. But they're both big winners on tonight's podcast; Game Shows! Ken and Sharpy have won a one way trip to the Kleenex as both men have come down with something nasty but that won't break their spirit. Do they have the courage of a hero? Do they have the will AND the skill? Probably not. But they're going to talk about their favorite Game Shows for a couple of hours. It might be quite interesting or it might just be a punishment game. It's up to you to find out.
Listeners, you will go listen to Pointless Filler on my first whistle!
November 18, 2015

002 - Top 5 Video Games

"All your lists are now irrelevant in the wake of this factually correct list of Top 10 Video Games"

Ken and Sharpy give you their top 5 Video Games. They might not even be great games, but they are to these two nerds and they're here for 3 hours to show you why. Get ready for jokes that will never come and baffling choices for best games ever that will make you question why you even care about their opinions in the first place. We hope you enjoy our inane ramblings each week! We swear we're making this up as we go along!
November 11, 2015

001 - Wrestling

"And we wrestle with the fact that neither of us are good at talking for extended periods of time and not waffling."

Welcome to Pointless Filler, a podcast that serves as background noise to your life. We might talk about stuff you don't know much about but we always aim to make it entertaining.
This week, Ken and Sharpy give a little introduction as to who they are, how they met and why they love this thing called "NXT" and "Professional Wrestling" so much. They both really hope that you check it out! You might just enjoy this man-drama, though Ken seems to like the women of NXT a lot more.
It's rough around the edges. It's a start. It's pointless. And both Ken and Sharpy really hope they can make you smile and laugh at their dad-tier jokes. You won't, but they can always hope.