January 20, 2016

011 - Pocket Monsters

"El Kabong" - Skraggy 

This time on Pointless Filler, we discuss the fine point of EV training, IV manipulation and the nature of Pokemon's evolving metagame. Only kidding, Ken and Sharpy are going to discuss why Lucario is such a worthless waste of space and why we are forced to know of his existence. Maybe the answers can be found with Sir Aaron. You'll have to find out on the podcast!
January 14, 2016

010 - FillerFriends

"It was just a break" - Sheldon Cooper (How I Met Your Mother) 

@fefeTea and @LimLumgh join Ken and Sharpy on this week's Pointless Filler to talk about their lives, how they met, and Britland City. Heroes and villains will clash. Tom Nook will take it all. OLD SOW JOAN WILL STILL BE SELLING TURNIPS. It's all kicking off and nobody told them that life was going to be this way.
January 6, 2016

009 - AGDQ

"Tim Schafer is a conman" - Ken 

Proceed quickly in listening to this week's podcast, all about AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick). Do not proceed to Psychonauts 2 Fig crowdfunding. Do not pass $500 to Tim Schafer. Go directly to AGDQ instead and watch people having fun with games that are finished. You can tell Ken is not mad at all in this episode!