February 9, 2016

013 - Freemium

"I think you are very beautiful. I would like to cum in your eyes." TinderMan 

This week, you'll have to SQUEEZE EVERY PENNY with your in-podcast purchases in order to complete the full 3 hour version. You could acquire gems to pay for this but be aware that they are only available with each Gold Member Podcast Account. Yes, it's Freemium and, more specifically, it's freemium games. Ken and Sharpy also talk about Starbomb, Tinder, Daniel Bryan's retirement, and STEROIDS. It's sure to be a completely random and idiotic episode, but only if you purchase more stamina to get through all 3 hours of it!
February 2, 2016

012 - Lucha Underground

"I am the inventor of modern Lucha" - Jack Evans 

We're back! After a week away due to all work and no health, Ken and Sharpy bring you one of the best kept secrets of the wrestling world. Dive into the aztec temple with them and enjoy a dragon, a phoenix, an alien and a moth all doing battle to win ancient aztec medallions. Remember, it's all 100% real. Definitely not fake. Maybe predetermined. It's Lucha Underground and it's fucking amazing.