January 20, 2016

011 - Pocket Monsters

"El Kabong" - Skraggy 

This time on Pointless Filler, we discuss the fine point of EV training, IV manipulation and the nature of Pokemon's evolving metagame. Only kidding, Ken and Sharpy are going to discuss why Lucario is such a worthless waste of space and why we are forced to know of his existence. Maybe the answers can be found with Sir Aaron. You'll have to find out on the podcast!

"Your waifu a shit" - Sharpy 2015

Welcome once more to Pointless Filler. Only we could talk for 3 or so hours a week about literally nothing at all. This week, we discuss the finer points of one of the best animations from china and then we talk about their chinese girl dolls. Ken and Sharpy wish to become heroes and I forget to ask the question of "What would your super power be?". I'll ask it next week, honest. We're so sorry, Japan. Please forgive us. Or, well, mostly Ken because jesus christ that guy has a lot of Anime figurines. Save some for the rest of Japan. Oh. Well I guess he's going to. What a nice man indeed.