January 14, 2016

010 - FillerFriends

"It was just a break" - Sheldon Cooper (How I Met Your Mother) 

@fefeTea and @LimLumgh join Ken and Sharpy on this week's Pointless Filler to talk about their lives, how they met, and Britland City. Heroes and villains will clash. Tom Nook will take it all. OLD SOW JOAN WILL STILL BE SELLING TURNIPS. It's all kicking off and nobody told them that life was going to be this way.
December 30, 2015

008 - Comics ON SKYPE!

"ISIS is a nice girl's name" - Sharpy 

Fat and lethargic. We could easily be describing any number of our relatives but, unfortunately, we are describing ourselves. But being fat and lethargic, we are all ready to become dumb comic book NERDS because that's what's cool these days. With not a bazinga in sight, we'll talk about two of our favorite comics and you'll be forced to listen. What a bunch of plonkers, eh? HAPPY NEW YEAR!